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                                            Keep Knocking

                                        by DC Doors International LLC

                                              A New Patient System



I am a practicing chiropractor! I teach you a 100% repeatable method of attracting and serving  more new patients! It works quickly and predictably! New patients in your office within days!! Guaranteed!



Patient Testimonials


"I had been taking STEROIDS and other medications to stop pain in my spine. Then one day a representative from Kostow Chiropractic knocked on my door. My first thought was, 'What are you doing here? I am too busy to talk to anyone.' Boy am I glad I did talk to him because after receiving care at Kostow Chiropractic, my pain is gone! The spine pain I had for years is gone! No more steroids! No more medication of any kind! I can do more than I used to. 'If only other chiropractors would knock on doors then so many other people in need could find the same results that I did.' I definitely recommend that other chiropractors go out and knock on doors. Crystal S.

 "I believe God sent Dr. Mark to my door." Simon H.

 My doorbell rang and a gentleman introduced himself as Dr. Mark Kostow. He mentioned that he was on his lunch hour doing a few surveys. I kindly answered his questions and he invited me to his office for an evaluation. I was very impressed with the results and I knew I found the right place. Dr. Mark has been a blessing in my life. Ginny S. AS A RESULT OF THIS ENCOUNTER, 11 NEW PATIENTS WERE REFERRED TO OUR OFFICE.

"Dr. Mark came to my door one day and offered an examination in his office. I had been experiencing low back pain for 15 years. I scheduled an appointment. What did I have to lose? What I have learned since starting chiropractic care is patience! I didn't get into that condition overnight and it wasn't going to be fixed overnight. I'm currently on a maintenance plan, it took 3 years to get here, but it was worth it!" Jodie H.

"I became a patient of Dr. Kostow when he came to my door conducting community surveys. I have been asked how I felt about a doctor coming to my door. My impression may differ from others. I was impressed that a doctor would humble himself to go door-to-door to talk to people about healthcare. Today you have to go through so many people to speak to a doctor it's frustrating. When Dr. Mark came to my door, I felt respected as a person by a healthcare professional. Since I started receiving regular chiropractic care and attended Dr. Mark's orientation, the one thing that I learned that never connected with me before is that subluxation's start at birth. No one ever told me this before! Perhaps more chiropractors should be telling people about this!" Arlene L.

Dr. Mark's Note: When I knocked on Arlene's door and asked "do you have any spine related pain?" she said emphatically "NO! I have no spine related problems." The follow up questions taught in the DC DOORS program is what inspired her to sign up for an appointment and later for care!

"I became a patient when Dr. Mark came to my door conducting community surveys. I was surprised to see a chiropractor going door-to-door. Initially I wanted to say I was not interested, but since I had recently attended an informational session by another chiropractor, I was ready to listen to Dr. Mark. Because of what he had to say and my interest in wanting to try chiropractic, we set up an appointment for an examination. I have learned that chiropractic care can improve your quality of life!" Nancy H.

"I have had localized sharp pain in my right hip and general stiffness in my body for more than seven years. In October 2002 I had severe pain shooting down my legs, around my waist and pelvis. I used a cane. Going up and down stairs was impossible. I was in constant pain even though I was taking16 - 20 Advil a day.

I met Dr. Kostow when he came to my door and I learned of the damage caused by subluxations. The severe pain in my legs disappeared completely after the first week of treatment and I could feel the pulse in my feet again. The rest of the discomfort is steadily diminishing.

My outlook is sunny again and my energy level has increased dramatically. I have been able to expand my business because I am able to function normally again. Angels come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Dr. Kostow and his staff are the angels I needed to give me back my life." Bonnie S.

"Dr. Mark came to the door conducting health surveys. I thought 'what a go-getter' and that it was nice that he came to my door. It was like a miracle that this man came to my door since I was being treated by another chiropractor and I was not satisfied.

I could not do my daily walking because of low back pain. I also knew I had a neck condition. Range of motion in my neck was problem.

Within the first two visits by back started to improve. Within two weeks of starting care, I was back walking. After a few visits, my neck was adjusted for the first time in many years since I never felt comfortable allowing anyone to adjust my neck.

What I have learned since starting my care; CONTINUE YOUR TREATMENTS. I had experienced other offices where you only went as needed and I did not get the results that I had expected. Follow the plan!" Patricia O.

"Dr. Kostow came to my house and introduced himself. I was having back and shoulder problems and I usually ignored the pain or took pain relievers. The results that I am having are that I didn't know I was supposed to feel as good as I do since starting care. I have learned that when stress on the body is relieved, the stress on the mind will follow suit! I have also learned the importance of a properly aligned spine, but also having a positive attitude helps to make life healthier overall!" Darlene M.