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Hershey Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Hershey, PA

                                            Keep Knocking

                                        by DC Doors International LLC

                                              A New Patient System



I am a practicing chiropractor! I teach you a 100% repeatable method of attracting and serving  more new patients! It works quickly and predictably! New patients in your office within days!! Guaranteed!



Doctor Testimonials

"DC DOORS has jump started my new location, Fieldhouse Wellness, like none of my other practices in the past. In the last 2 weeks, we have scheduled 13 new patients from the DC DOORS program alone. The confidence it builds in my new associates is truly amazing! It has tranformed them to be "go getters" if you will.  I look forward to using this program forever. It is a great way to get out there to meet the people in our communities and educate them on Chiropractic." 

Frank Brady, D.C.

Fieldhouse Wellness and Team Chiropractor for the

NFL Philadelphia Eagles and NHL Philadelphia Flyers

"As a chiropractor for nine years, I have either heard of or personally experienced different marketing strategies to improve one’s business. Using the DC DOORS System personally has shown me the perfect avenue to establish myself as a chiropractor no matter where I would live. DC DOORS creates a laser focus on bringing patients into your office, builds rapport in the community and spreads the word about chiropractic. The use of DC DOORS has made me better both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend DC DOORS to any chiropractor that wants to improve his chiropractic practice."

Craig B., D.C.

"I feel good about knocking on doors and educating the community. I never felt like I was degrading myself or my profession which I care about so much. This does take time, but I feel good that I am out there in the community getting my patients into my office and not just complaining how hard it is to build a practice!"

Guy M., D.C.

"It is very rewarding to get uncomfortable and go for it! I feel free, on fire, unstoppable, energized, excited, on purpose, passionate and ready for more! Spreading the news and meeting people is easy. I have self worth! I am a CHIROPRACTOR! I teach HEALTH and WELLNESS! I CAN DO IT!"

Don C., D.C.

"To see the passion you have for service is inspiring. I usually try to attend seminars to help keep focused and to keep passionate about chiropractic but this slow start has been draining. I now feel excited again and it has shown already in not only knocking but in my new patient exams and reports.  My mission has become recentered on saving lives and not on getting new patients and that has made all the difference!"

Dan W., D.C.