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Hershey Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Hershey, PA

                                            Keep Knocking

                                        by DC Doors International LLC

                                              A New Patient System



I am a practicing chiropractor! I teach you a 100% repeatable method of attracting and serving  more new patients! It works quickly and predictably! New patients in your office within days!! Guaranteed!



Here's My Story...

Several years ago I decided to sell my practice and move our family an hour and a half away and start a new practice. Well…when I arrived at our new location, it hit me like a ton of bricks – I knew practically no one and I had ZERO patients!!! They say that “adversity is the mother of invention.” Inventing a better way to produce new patients became an obsession.

I remembered that one of my business consultants advised me to go knock on doors as a method of acquiring new patients. I put that method directly at the bottom of my list. All thoughts were focused on me and how others would perceive a doctor knocking on doors. Several years later I was on a conference call with a different consultant when he asked if a doctor from Tennessee was on the line. This successful doctor told the story of how he attracted new patients by going door-to-door. I listened intently to his story and thought that if this doctor could do it I could do it. Besides, I didn’t want to invest more money in hit or miss marketing.

I decided one afternoon to try this method of going door-to-door. The second door I knocked on the woman signed up for an initial examination and one day later she signed up to receive regular chiropractic care! I realized then the potential of this type of system. Now fast forward seven years and over 36,000 doors knocked on and I have transformed my practice and my life!

The overwhelming message I received again and again while going door-to-door was, “It’s not about me!” This was surprising because the first messages were:

“My friends and family will think I’m begging for business!”
“I won’t look professional!”
“This is clearly beneath me!”
“What if my patients see me?”
“What will my fellow chiropractors think?”

All thoughts focused on me and it isn’t about me! It did take a while for me to understand this concept. Now the focus is on teaching others about the chiropractic lifestyle through this system. Look at what people are saying:

“We were really impressed that he was out meeting the community which is why we decided to come here. We would not have come if it had been a phone call, which to us is not impressive.” Grace K.

“I had been looking for a chiropractor since I moved to the area. He showed up at my door and I knew he was the one!” Carol A.

I have tried telemarketing, health talks, spinal screenings and dinner talks to name a few. All were productive to varying degrees. However, NONE of them were as productive and cost effective as the method that I have developed. A side effect of not being focused on myself was that I grew faster personally and professionally than I would have using all the other marketing systems combined.

The point is that we may never know how far reaching and how far teaching this program can take us personally and professionally until we try.

B.J. Palmer asked us to focus on guarding a sacred trust well. He did not ask us to focus on ourselves. Your participation in this system will cause you to feel better than you ever have about yourself, your practice, your profession and your patients.